In his artistic exploration, Ivan Cremer delves into the intricate relationship between matter and time. Through his sculptures, he captures a captivating paradox – static forms in the midst of dynamic transitions. The essence of his subjects is conveyed through their movements across linear time, a manifestation that goes beyond mere visual aesthetics and connects deeply with the human narrative.

Cremer’s approach encompasses unconventional techniques and compositions, blurring the line between sculpture and architecture. This unique artistic perspective infuses a distinct storytelling ethos into his body of work. Drawing inspiration from renowned choreographies, he weaves tales with his compositions, aiming to communicate emotions and spirit through the art of dance, even within silence. The fluidity of movement becomes the foundation of his creative practice.

Materiality plays a vital role in Cremer’s artistry, as he carefully selects elements that bear strong connections to the subject matter. Whether rooted in geography, history, or place, his sculptures and materials coexist symbiotically, guiding each other towards the narratives that Cremer seeks to portray. He often repurposes discarded materials found amid industrial ruins, transforming them into records of time and symbols of decay.

Amid the digital age, where art can be conceived solely through virtual means, Cremer staunchly rejects this trend. He emphasizes the significance of the artistic process over the final outcome, seeing physical labor as indispensable in infusing artworks with spirit and meaning. As a sculptor, he actively engages in a myriad of techniques, working with diverse materials like wood, led, iron, concrete, glass, copper, rope, fabric, stone, earth, and cement, employing tools ranging from hammers and mallets to drills and chisels.

In line with the “truth to materials” principle pioneered by the Bauhaus school, Cremer finds fascination in the authenticity of materials. He strives to reveal the inherent qualities of raw materials, unmasked and presented in their true form, thereby endowing his sculptures with a remarkable boldness and sense of resolution. The sheer force of energy that permeates his creative process is palpable, exemplifying how sculpture can transcend boundaries, offering a formless yet architectural expression that is both dynamic and contemplative. Ultimately, Cremer’s mastery of material connects deeply with the fluidity of diverse human experiences.




2022 Origins | Ivan Cremer | AMC Alumni Symphosium | Wilhelmina Gasthuis | Amsterdam | NL

2021 Architecture & Sculpture | Together with Sacha de boer | Ivan Cremer | Thomaskerk | Amsterdam | NL

2021 A tribute to the Architect Karel Sijmons | Ivan Cremer | Thomaskerk | Amsterdam | NL

2019 Materials as Ledgers of Time | Ivan Cremer | PAN Amsterdam | Amsterdam | NL

2019 From model to sculpture | Ivan Cremer | Amsterdam Sculpture Biennial | Hilton Amsterdam | Public sculpture  | Amsterdam | NL

2019 Johan Tahon & Ivan Cremer | Amsterdam Sculpture Biennial | A sculptor’s world  | Minervalaan 1 |  Amsterdam | NL

2019 Mijn Wereld | Ivan Cremer | WTC Business Club | Amsterdam | Birth of Apollo  | Apollo House | Oyens & van Eeghen Groep | Amsterdam | NL