PAN 2023 | GALERIE HELGA HOFMAN | Nov 19 – 26

PAN 2023, the reknowned Amsterdam Artfair  will open its doors on November 19 untill November 26. This year there will be several new portrait sculptures from Ivan’s ‘Krieger 2023’ series on view at Galerie Helga Hofman ( Stand 110) as well as one of the bronze dancers. 

‘Freyrs Krieger’ (The Warriors of Freyr) is an ongoing collection of portraits centered around agriculture, aiming to depict the intricate interplay between humanity and nature, encompassing both their symbiotic harmony and occasionally parasitic dynamics. This series was conceived in 2020 as a subsequent endeavor to the installation ‘Freyrs Vergeltung.’ It draws its foundation from an exhaustive exploration of the landscape and historical nuances of Northern Germany.

One of the bronzes from the  sculpture series ‘Protogenoi’ will be on view at Galerie Helga Hofman. This series is based on the fascination for aircraft, and in specific, the construction and evolution of flying machines. earthbound materials constructed in such a way it explores the laws of physics. the series ‘protogenoi’ is based upon the primordial deities created out of thin air, coming from kaos, formed in such a way that heaven and earth are created. the original works are made from aluminum elements coming from the airplane industry, using rivets for its joinery. casted in bronze.

DATE | Sun, Nov 19, 2023 – Sun, Nov 26, 2023

LOCATION | PAN 2023 | Galerie Helga Hofman | Stand 110

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