On june 10th 2023  the large bronze sculpture ‘Europa’  was placed on the travertine bull overlooking the vast Italian landscape. The work was commissioned a year prior and placed  by a collectors home which is located in Tuscany, Italy.

The sculpture captures the moment in which europa jumps ashore. The myth of Europa and Zeus originates from ancient Greek mythology. Europa, a Phoenician princess of extraordinary beauty, caught the eye of Zeus. Disguised as a magnificent white bull, Zeus approached Europa while she was playing on the shores of Tyre. Intrigued, she climbed onto his back, and he swiftly swam across the sea to Crete. There, Zeus revealed his true identity and they became lovers. 

The bronze is casted with the lost wax method, with its original sculpture being constructed from elements found in italian ruins, the wood coming from a tuscan barn, the steel found in the industrial valleys around the travertine caves. The same cave as where the second part of the sculpture, the white bull originates from.

View from estates entrance lane towards the valley  on which the sculpture is centred.

View from ground level upwards

Finalising the installation, in situ adjustments to the travertine’s surface

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